"Hey, Ann Estelle, come in here for a minute, would you?"
"Make a wish and blow out the candles!!!!"
Yes, today is Ann Estelle's birthday at Claudia's house!!  Claudia recently discovered that today is the REAL Ann Estelle's birthday - Mary Engelbreit's grandmother.
Jenny is a porcelain Effner doll and Andreas is a porcelain doll by Adele's Puppenhaus.
Christopher Robin is a Tonner Michael with new eyes. Behind him is Pepper, a Creedy BJD.
Sophie (has resin ball jointed arms and legs from a Customhouse Petite Ai); Fanny (Fancy Nancy's Little Sister); and Georgia.
Everyone had a very good time.  (And don't they all look pretty and handsome?!)  Happy birthday Ann Estelle!!!!    R.

Lily here.  Those of you with sharp eyes are saying "how can this be Claudia's Ann Estelle when this is obviously a party at Joe Pye Towers??"

R came to me in a dither and said she needed to celebrate Claudia's Ann Estelle's birthday but how could she without Claudia's Ann Estelle??  "Could you do something magic?"
Piece of cake!!  And didn't even need magic.  Just got out my grannie's pocket watch and hypnotized the local Ann Estelle into believing she is the Claudia Ann Estelle.  Then I did all the others so that's who they'd think she was too.  I mean, these dolls - they are always kind of glassy eyed, aren't they?!  Don't tell anyone but I had a lot of fun and made Andreas think he is Christopher Robin and Christopher Robin think he is Andreas.  And I mixed the girls all up too.  Easy peasy to convince Sophie that she is the Duchess of Cambridge!  They're going to get a shock when I say the code word that brings them all "awake" again, hee hee hee.
And the best part was R told me I could eat all the cake I wanted if I did this "magic" for her!  MINE .... all MINE!!!!!!!   Lily.


Mary Sue
10/10/2013 1:03pm

Great pictures, everyone looks so attractive by candlelight. I'm glad there were no fainting spells while the candles were lit. Thanks for the explanation from Lily which was informative and entertaining.

10/10/2013 5:28pm

Thanks Mary Sue. Actually the candles were lit and blown out several times - I was mostly afraid I'd set the smoke alarms off, which I HATE! R.

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