Annie Laurie's patience was rewarded this evening when I let her hold Primo, the turtle who was the first to start hatching a week ago.  I think she may be a better turtle mom than I am!!  (I'm having the devil of a time finding food for these critters!)
Primo ate an entire earthworm today, and it's past his bedtime, so he's sleepy!
It was 72 hours from the time Primo burst his egg shell to the time he finally left it.  Secundo took 48 hours and is the biggest.  And the last one, Trice, had the hardest time hatching - I finally "helped" him out of his shell while his yolk sack was still partially inflated.  In the last day he has "absorbed" it and now looks like a normal (but extra small) turtle.

All this staring at turtles while they wouldn't come out of their egg shells and then wandering around trying to find tiny size turtle food and then staring at them while they eat has completely discombobulated any plans I had for celebrating Halloween - one new costume about half done.  So no Halloween at Joe Pye Towers this year, alas.  But we DO have turtles!!!!   R.


Claudia Jarratt
11/01/2013 9:53pm

Given how well Roberta does her staging, you might think this little one is a prop. But NO. Real life turtle. Found, incubated and successfully saved from a harsh winter ending. Hooray for Roberta and Annie Laurie!

Claudia J

Mary Sue
11/04/2013 11:08am

Amazing...Choosing new-born turtles over Halloween was the right choice. Thanks and good luck to the family.

11/13/2013 9:10am

Thanks Mary Sue - all 3 are still doing fine and are soon to move into a bona fide aquarium/terrarium! At the moment, ice fishing bait maggots are the snack of choice!
Thanks too for the comments on the smocked chicken dress (the comment function stops after one month and thus I couldn't answer right there.) Recenlty I took AE with the outfit in to the quilting store where I bought the fabric and she was a great hit. One lady was devastated when I told her the dolls were no longer being made and hence it wasn't as easy to buy them as it used to be - she really wanted one!! R.

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