Well, we may not have managed to "do" much for Halloween around here, but we do have something for Thanksgiving!  And the reason for this is because I started this outfit way back in September some time - it was going to utilize some great fabric with foxes (FWF):  Not only have we had a Very Beary late summer and early fall and a Totally Turtle October and November but all summer long we enjoyed the company of a family of foxes - 3 kits and their parents.  The FWF was going to be the apron but some how just didn't "click".  So I thought about making the apron like a jack o'lantern for Halloween, but then saw a hand towel with this appliqued turkey and figured I'd use that.  A little more ...... kitsch-y ... than my usual stuff, but fun.

This simple apron pattern is based on the aprons that Tonner used for the "Baking Cookies" doll and the Ashton-Drake series.  I've made a series of outfits utilizing it and include them here, just for fun:
from 2005, with Happy Hens fabric from New Zealand in the apron.
from 2008, finished in November, so presented as "Get out the Vote!"
from 2009, for St. Patrick's Day (you've seen this before on the blog)
Enjoy.  And have a happy Thanksgiving!!!   R.


11/26/2013 6:56pm

Hi there! i stumbled across your blog a few days ago as i was researching Ann Estelle Dolls...i got bitten..first was the 18" and i think..the series of events was with the help of your adorable blog...and others...i got bitten by the 10" bug...holy smokes and bad. Coming from the back ground of being Blythe doll lover...with all the props, outfits, scenes...etc..of course i was drawn to your blog. I have to tell you it took me a few days to peruse the whole thing..but am happy to report I finally worked my way back to your first post....I am soooo happy to have found you and am looking forward to more...it is even inspiring me to maybe fire up my blog again...very neglected....and also since i design Middie Blyhte (tiny stuff) and regular Blyhte clothes..that now my brain is whirling with 10" ideas....does the insanity ever end! Any how..i wanted to say Hi! and to tell you i thoroughly enjoyed my entire tour through your little blog world!

hugs to you all!!

11/26/2013 6:58pm

sorry for the typo..'Blythe' not the way i spelled it...got so excited i forgot to check for misspellings..lol

Claudia Jarratt
11/27/2013 5:27pm

Apron Pin Ups. What fun! We think the turkey was an inspired apron idea. Also love the way you are playing off various fabric patterns in the aprons. Hooray! So now...you've got four months of holiday aprons. May we expect another six? Hope so

Claudia J

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