Andria speaking

With all the excitement over the new 10” child doll body with articulated elbows and wrists, we thought our loyal readers might enjoy a small tutorial about switching "old" Ann Estelle heads onto new fully articulated bodies. Collectors have been assured that the new bodies will be made available for purchase at some date in the future, so it is good to be prepared. 

“How to Move Noggins” is the tutorial’s title and you will find it under the tab “New Looks” so take a look, find your old heating pad, decide who is going to get a major upgrade and wait for the release of the new articulated bodies. We have waited for them for many years, so I guess we can wait a few more months . . . maybe!!!     Andria  (here is a link to the tutorial page  R.



Claudia Jarratt
12/22/2013 7:46am

Thanks so much, Andria. This well done tutorial makes even me feel ready to do some switcheroos as soon as the bodies come through.

Claudia J

12/22/2013 11:33am

Thanks Andria. Is it my imagination or is Ann Estelle eying the heating pad with some trepidation??? And people say I'm macabre when I cut open their little heads!!! R.

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