Goldie's sweater and hat were knitted by Kristen in Sweden (I think she is in Sweden, but maybe it is Norway ..... sorry, I've lost track!)
Goldie is having a fine time twirling around on the ice!!!!
MaryMary is a little more unsure of herself - she's just concentrating on staying upright.
Kylie has a Forever Friendz head on a Tonner body.
Kylie arrived a little late, so she's just started to put on her skates.
What fun - can't you just hear a Strauss waltz???

Goldie and MaryMary are Effner Ashton-Drake vinyl dolls (with Tonner legs and inset eyes).  Being fascinated by taxonomy -- or perhaps more like genealogy in this case? -- I've always wondered which Effner porcelain sculpts the Ashton-Drake doll were based on.  Some of them, like Goldie, are relatively obvious ("Bedtime Jenny").  But it wasn't until very recently that I realized that MaryMary is based on "Everyday Jenny" (also known as "Jenny I").  So in my skating photos one is actually looking at Jenny and Jenny!!!!  R.


01/19/2014 11:08pm

Fantastic sweaters and clothes.

Mary Sue
01/20/2014 12:49pm

These pictures catch what I love about playing with dolls. There is just no where in my world where I could find such well dressed little girls ice skating in such an idyllic location.

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