Here is a picture of the kitchen after I moved the table back in.  Breakfast time!!  (And playing a bit with the new toy ark.)  (Henry is going out this time.  In and out.  In and out!!!)
The third place setting??  That's for Christopher Robin, but he's just getting out of bed.  I don't know if I've shared a photo of the boy's bedroom before?  It tends to be a bit of a mess!!  R.


Claudia Jarratt
01/21/2014 9:44am

How my boys covet that bunk bed! They are wondering if perhaps Henry is going in and out to play in the woods with Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore?

Claudia J

01/21/2014 10:03am

What a happy way to start the morning watching you start YOUR happy morning is! Thank you for sharing your world. And that bunk bed in the boys' room is to die for! Lovely!

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