The carpenter finally got around to installing the back door into the kitchen today.  Henry, for one, is very happy to have a door to go in and out of.  For the moment, Gabriella is happy to make Henry happy by opening the door for him.
I've temporarily moved the big kitchen table so you can see the door.  I include this wider shot because I'm just so pleased at how the entire kitchen has come together - I smile every time I look at it!  Neither of these photos is of terrific quality (and I'm sensitive now to sharing things that aren't really great since my rant about how proud of my photos I am!)  This is because I used the ambient lighting of the room's LED ceiling lights instead of getting out the big spots-on-tripods.  The big spots flood too much light into the rooms and you can't enjoy how "nice" the LED lighting is .... oh well, maybe someday I'll figure out how to manipulate the spots better in this situation.

Anyway, about the door: It is produced by Houseworks Ltd. of Atlanta, Georgia.  Here is their website for wholesalers .  Most of merchandise is for small doll-house scale but they do have a few things for "play scale" including this door.  I got mine from a dealer on eBay.  It is extremely well made and so nice I don't think I'll ruin it by trying to paint it!  Now I think we need a window in the corner!  R.


Mary Sue
01/20/2014 12:44pm

Who would have thought such an ordinary thing as a door would make the great Joe Pye Towers even homier. I love the lighting in the picture, it makes it look like Gabriella just crawled out of bed to let Henry out. You certainly wouldn't want all that bright lighting waking you up in the middle of the night.

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